Cuckoo Clocks

Hand-carved in the Black Forest

of Germany

We have over 100 styles of hand-made cuckoo clocks from the top cuckoo clock manufacturers.

Radio-Controlled Clocks

Nothing is more precisely measured than time!

...and nothing keeps track of time more precisely and trouble free than a River City radio-controlled clock.

Artisan Glass Clocks

The River City Glass Clock Collection is the result of mechanical engineer, Zsolt Ocsag, and
artistic glass desinger, Bernadette Arki, being fascinated by the kaleidoscopic effects of natural
light through colored glass.


River City Hourglasses are accurate to within three minutes per hour.

Galileo Thermometers

Galileo Thermometers are magnificent creations that make Galileo's 400 year old principle of relative density a functional reality. Each of the liquid-filled floats weighs exactly .006 grams more than the one above it. Precise measurements of the liquid filled balls ensure a stately and orderly procession of ups and downs as the temperature changes.

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